Malin akerman roberto zincone dating

During a Sirius XM chat with shock jock Howard Stern, Arnold took Malin Akerman's ex-husband Roberto Zincone to task for divorcing the actress, with whom he co-stars in Yahoo's actress, 36, for handling her sudden breakup with aplomb. Her deal—and I probably shouldn't talk about her—but... I'm not gonna complain about anything in my life.' Because she is incredible," the actor raved. You know, her husband, they're together 10 years, they have a baby, [and] four months in, he's like, 'I'm done.' So, she not only pays him alimony to take care of this guy, but I watched her as a mother, and I was like, 'This is the most inspiring woman.Born on May 12 in 1978, Malin Akerman is a well-known face in American television industry as well as Hollywood. When she was at the age of two, they moved to Toronto. Her mother is a known model and aerobics instructor where her father is an insurance broker.She starred in four feature films in 2012, including the comedy Wanderlust and the musical film Rock of Ages.In 2012, she had a recurring role on the sitcom Suburgatory and starred in the short-lived comedy series Trophy Wife from 2013 to 2014, both of which aired on ABC.

It's a very sad time for her." PHOTOS: Babies of the year Akerman sounded a lot more cheerful about her husband back in September.

"She is an inspiration."Stern quipped that Arnold would probably try to date Akerman if he were single."Yeah, she'd never go out with me," the married actor remains optimistic about her prospects, as her recent Instagram caption proves. My son, I thank you for showing me what true love actually is meant to feel like.

My amazing friends, my wonderful family and my fans, thank you for standing by me. "This life, this world, it's a blank canvas and you can paint it in whatever colors, shapes and forms you, what is your painting gonna look like for 2015...?

She also decided to become a child psychologist but when she was offered the role in Earth: Final Conflict she gave up on her decision.

She got most of her fame and name from the breakthrough role in Silk Spectre II in Watchman in 2009.

Malin akerman roberto zincone dating